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Resolven and Tonna

The floodplain SINC above Resolven helps dissipate floodwater from the river, protecting the village. The Neath Canal SINC runs through the ward. There are some areas of ancient semi-natural woodland which includes Mosshouse wood and reservoir within the Gnoll Country Park. Parts of the Sarn Helen SINC are along the west border, this is an extensive site designated for its mosaic of habitats. The upper hillsides are dominated by conifer plantation. The Upper Melincourt Valley SINC is an area of upland heathland and wet grasslands. The lower valley is a WTSWW reserve; an upland Oak woodland with the dramatic 80 foot Melincourt waterfall.

We share our urban areas with many species. These include House sparrow which have greatly declined in the UK. Houses can also be used by bats such as Common pipistrelle, they like to roost in small gaps such as under tiles or behind fascia boards. The rivers are important for Otter, Dipper, Kingfisher and bats. The conifer plantations provide nesting sites for birds of prey including Goshawk and the only population in South Wales of Honey buzzard. The areas that have been clear-felled are a breeding area for Nightjar. Brown hare, Hedgehog and Skylark can be seen on the farmland. The native woodlands have Tawny owl, Great spotted woodpecker and Wood warbler. Brown hare, Hedgehog and Skylark can be seen on the farmland.


  1. Re-invigorate the volunteer management at Tonna Woodland Walk to help control the Rhododendron here.
  2. Raise awareness of wildlife in the ward e.g. by holding wildlife walks along the canal
  3. Encourage ward constituents to put up house sparrow nesting ‘terraces’ and bat boxes.