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Crynant, Onllwyn and Seven Sisters

The ward contains a Special Area of Conservation (SAC) – Coedydd Nedd a Mellte, a very large and diverse example of old sessile oak wood. Gorsllwyn SSSI contains peatlands of varied depth. It also contains a dome shaped mass of peat above the general water table, known as a raised mire. There are very few examples of this in mid and south wales. This ward contains several SINCs designated for their marshy grassland features. Parts of the Sarn Helen SINC are along the east border, this is an extensive site designated for its mosaic of habitats, including upland acid grasslands, heathlands and blanket bog. Around Seven Sisters, the standalone SINCs are designated for their grassland habitats, plus some heathland elements. These are important stepping stones for a number of rare invertebrate species. The ward has two different BLines running through it.

The river corridors are important for Otter, Kingfisher, Bats and Dippers. The area is famed for being a stronghold for Marsh fritillary butterfly, a butterfly becoming increasingly rare across Europe. These populations are part of a wider stronghold ranging from RCT to Carmarthen. Interesting plants can be found in wetter grasslands and heathlands including cotton grasses, Round-leaved sundew, Bog-asphodel and heathers. These areas are also good for Barn Owl, Skylark, Brown hare and reptiles. The conifer plantations are home to Goshawk, Crossbill and Siskin.


  1. There is an active volunteer group, coordinated by Butterfly Conservation, managing habitat and surveying for marshy fritillary butterfly throughout the year. Direct interested constituents to assist this group.
  2. Encourage landowners to manage land sensitively to nature. Some may wish to join the local Meadows Group, contact the team to find out more.
  3. Encourage schools to celebrate the amazing nature in the ward. The marsh fritillary butterfly could be a good focus for lessons.