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In the south of the ward are Neath Estuary and Catwg Wetland SINCs. These are important wetland sites which help reduce flooding by acting as a natural area for the water to gather while in flood. Part of Graig Gwladus Country Park lies within the ward. This is an important woodland site. Dry-stone walls are a feature of the upland farmland, areas of which retain marshy grassland characteristics. The whole ward is in a BLine.

The grazing marsh of the Neath Estuary supports wildfowl and waders including Mute swans, Curlew, Lapwing, Grey heron and Little egret. The canal offers habitat for dragonflies, Grass snakes, nesting birds and emergent vegetation such as Flag iris. The wide variety of habitats across the ward provide feeding and roosting opportunities for bats and nesting sites for many bird species. The upland areas contain heathers, cotton-grasses and other heathland/marshy grassland indicators.


  1. The Friends of Craig Gwladus are an active volunteer group taking care of Craig Gwladus Country Park. You can refer constituents who are interested in nature to volunteer with this group.
  2. Encourage the schools to take action for nature e.g. manage grasslands as meadows, put up bird and bat boxes and educate pupils about nature
  3. Raise awareness of wildlife in the ward e.g. by holding wildlife walks along the canal