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Coedffranc West

This is one of our most diverse wards for biodiversity. The former oil refinery is currently being redeveloped as a new village. Crymlyn Bog is designated a SAC as it is of European importance. This includes Pant-y-Sais fen a mixture of fen, reedbed and scrub communities. Along the south is the Crymlyn Burrows SSSI, an extensive area of dunes and saltmarsh leading to the Neath estuary. A number of sites are managed under NPT Bee Friendly, including Fabien Way verges, which are managed for their wildflower displays. Some of the ward is in a BLine. WTSWW manage Red Jacket Fen, an extension of the fen habitat at Pant y Sais.

The Coed Darcy development has involved the movement of over 9000 Great crested newts to a receptor site. Pant-y-Sais and Crymlyn Bog are the only place in Wales to find the Fen raft spider, one of Europe’s largest spiders. The site is also an excellent place to see Royal fern and Round-leaved sundew. At Crymlyn Burrows you can find flocks of wading birds such as Ringed plover, Curlew, Oystercatcher and Sanderling as well as breeding Stonechat and Skylark.


  1. The rich species diversity of this ward should be celebrated and conserved. You can encourage constituents to engage with the special sites of this ward through guided walks and promotion of the areas.
  2. Help to promote the NPT Bee Friendly sites in the ward
  3. Encourage the industry in this ward to take steps for nature e.g. retrofitting green infrastructure, erecting bird and bat boxes and managing grasslands as meadows.