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Bryncoch South

This highly urbanised ward retains green corridors via tree lined roads and gardens. Along the south-east of the ward are 3 wetland SINCs. The Tennant canal is a manmade and offers good aquatic habitat. The Neath Estuary and Roman Way Reedbed are both important wetland sites which help reduce flooding by acting as natural areas for the water to gather while in flood. The species rich hedgebank at Taillwyd Road is managed for its biodiversity importance. Pen-y-Wern Playing Fields are being managed for wildflowers under NPT Bee Friendly. Some of this ward is in a BLine.

The well connected urban areas provide habitat corridors for a range of bird and bat species. The Tennant canal offers habitat for dragonflies, Grass snakes and nesting birds. The river Neath is important for Otters, Dippers and Grey wagtails.


  1. Help constituents to discover wildflowers and pollinators at Pen-y-Wern Playing Fields and at other grassland sites around the ward.
  2. Encourage the schools and College to take action for nature e.g. manage grasslands as meadows, put up bird and bat boxes and educate pupils about nature
  3. Encourage ward constituents to take part in ‘Hedgehog Street’ to increase connectivity of habitat for hedgehogs in the ward