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Port Talbot

The urban area of this ward is densely built up, the main green spaces being the football grounds and Talbot Memorial Park. However, the hillsides towering above the town provide a beautiful backdrop. The slopes of the hills are covered in heathland including a mix of heathers and bracken. Above this on Mynydd Emroch is farmland and a solar farm. Above this again is an area of conifer plantation. An area of ancient semi-natural woodland lies in a small floodplain on the River Afan. There are many small watercourses and the River Afan runs through the urban area.

We share our urban areas with many species. These include House sparrow which have greatly declined in the UK.  Houses can also be used by bats such as Common pipistrelle, they like to roost in small gaps such as under tiles or behind fascia boards. The river Afan and its tributaries are important for Otter, Dipper, Kingfisher and bats. The heathland is home to reptiles and birds such as Stonechat. Up on the hilltops Ravens, Red kite and Buzzards can be seen. The plantations are home to Crossbill, Siskin and Goshawk.


  1. Identify opportunities for green infrastructure in the ward e.g. green roofs, more street trees and/or living walls
  2. Encourage ward constituents to take part in ‘Hedgehog Street’ to increase connectivity of habitat for hedgehogs in the ward
  3. Encourage ward constituents to put up house sparrow nesting ‘terraces’ and bat boxes.