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Neath South

The urban areas of this ward are very green with many large street trees and gardens. Part of The Waun SINC is in the ward, designated for its mosaic of habitats, including acid grassland and heathland. Alongside this is an area of farmland. Well connected hedgerows provide corridors for species to move through the landscape. Part of Eaglesbush Valley LNR is in the ward, including some ancient Oak woodlands. Areas of Cimla Common are being brought into management for wildflowers under NPT Bee Friendly. All of the ward is in a B-Line.

We share our urban areas with many species. These include House sparrow which have greatly declined in the UK. Houses can also be used by bats such as Common pipistrelle, they like to roost in small gaps such as under tiles or behind fascia boards. The mix of urban and farmland habitats is beneficial for Foxe and Hedgehog. Farmland is home to Brown hare, Badger and Tawny owl. Bat boxes in Eaglesbush Valley are checked by volunteers who recently found a maternity roost of Natterer’s bats.


  1. Our swifts are in trouble and you can help. Identify buildings in the ward where swift nest boxes can be erected to replace those lost when old buildings are upgraded. A swift project is running this year to fund these boxes, contact the team to find out more.
  2. Work with us to increase the extent of NPT Bee Friendly management on Cimla Common – there is plenty of potential here!
  3. The Friends of Gnoll Country Park are an active volunteer group taking care of The Gnoll Country Park. You can refer constituents who are interested in nature to volunteer with this group.