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Neath North

Neath Canal edges the town on the river side. Landscaping and gardens provide green corridors for species to move through. The variety of habitats in the Gnoll Country Park allow lots of species to thrive so close to the urban habitat. These include ancient semi-natural woodland, ponds, streams and grasslands. Where Larch had to be felled the regeneration has resulted in dense Birch woodland. A number of areas are managed for wildflowers under NPT Bee Friendly, including areas in the Gnoll Country Park, Llantwit Cemetery and Maes yr Afon. The whole ward is in a B-Line.

The river Neath and and its tributaries are important for Otters which can even be found in the industrial areas. The Neath Canal has beautiful aquatic vegetation such as White water lilly, and is home to Mute swan, Moorhen, and Emperor dragonflies. Sometimes Grass snake can be seen swimming in the canal. The Victorian houses in Neath provide perfect nesting sites for Swift. The Gnoll Country Park is home to bats including Daubenton’s bat which skim across the ponds feeding on midges. Common toad spawn in the ponds. In the woodland you can see birds such as Great spotted woodpecker, Nuthatch and Bullfinch.


  1. Our swifts are in trouble and you can help. Identify buildings in the ward where swift nest boxes can be erected to replace those lost when old buildings are upgraded. A swift project is running this year to fund these boxes, contact the team to find out more.
  2. The Friends of Gnoll Country Park are an active volunteer group taking care of The Gnoll Country Park. You can refer constituents who are interested in nature to volunteer with this group.
  3. Identify opportunities for green infrastructure in the ward e.g. green roofs, more street trees and/or living walls