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Risk assessments

When organising an event, it is necessary to complete relevant risk assessments. We, as a local authority do not supply event organisers with template risk assessments, but will provide links to Health and Safety Executive documents to assist you with the risk assessing process. Please see the Links page.

In the current climate, we are strongly advising organisers to consider vehicle mitigation and other counter terrorism measures such as extra security and stewarding at events where crowds will be gathered. It is not meant to alarm, but you are advised to put Risk Assessments in place.  Please see the ‘Protect UK – Publicly Accessible Locations Guidance’ provided in the Links section.

Please note, Special Events / Events Management / SAG do not request that you send your completed risk assessments to them for approval, as their function is purely advisory in nature. A confirmation that you have completed the necessary risk assessments is sufficient during this process.