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Organising and planning an event

Before organising a large scale public event, many issues have to be taken into consideration, including the following:- 

  • has the event organiser got any experience of co-ordinating similar public events?
  • who owns the land on which the event will take place and is it suitable for the type of event being planned for?  If the land is owned by the council, please contact our Estates Department on the Contacts page. They will be able to advise you on permissions and any fees payable.
  • will the event require road closures or have an impact on traffic flow?  If you are planning on a parade, requesting road closures, the event will take place on the highway, or have an impact on traffic flow, you must complete and adhere to the requirements set out in the questions relating to these elements in the relevant Traffic/Highways related sections of the Event Registration Form. 
  • a request for a road closure must be made within a minimum of 8 weeks before the event, and include a Traffic Management Plan.  The organiser must have also contacted the Traffic Section on 01639 686013, before submitting the Event Registration Form, otherwise a road closure notice will be declined.  This is also the case, even if your event has had road closures in the past.  Please contact the Highways Department of NPTCBC at the earliest opportunity on the Contacts page. 
  • do you have insurance cover?
  • who will provide first aid medical cover at the event?
  • have you completed Risk Assessments?
  • have you considered the cost of creating a safe public event?
  • do you realise that the event organisers are legally responsible for accidents, injuries or fatalities at their event?
  • do you have the correct licence(s) in place?
  • have you notified the correct authorities?

For further guidance please refer to The Purple Guide to Health & Safety

Further details and the necessary actions relating to the above can be found within the Special Events Process section.