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How to register an event

In order to hold your event, you will be required to complete and return an Event Registration Form (see the Documents section). This will not only allow us to evaluate the potential hazards and scope of your event, but also discern whether SAG intervention is necessary during the organisation process. You will also be required to submit other documentation as listed below. 

In order to comply with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) legislation, we have created a Privacy Notice, which you can locate in the Documents section.  Please read this document so that you are aware of how your data will be treated.

Organisers of outdoor events are required to contact the Special Events Team on 01639 686415 / 01639 763950 or at  Or alternatively, send via post to Special Events, Corporate Health & Safety Section, The Quays, Brunel Way, Baglan Energy Park, Neath, SA11 2GG.

If you are planning on using council land, please contact our Estates Department on 01639 686980 to discuss permissions and whether or not there will be a fee charged for the use of the land.

If you are planning on a parade, requesting road closures, the event will take place on the highway, or have an impact on traffic flow, you must complete and adhere to the requirements set out in the questions relating to these elements in the relevant Traffic/Highways related sections of the Event Registration Form.

A request for a road closure must be made within a minimum of 8 weeks before the event, and include a Traffic Management Plan. The organiser must have also contacted the Traffic Section on 01639 686013, before submitting the Event Registration Form, otherwise a road closure notice will be declined.  This is also the case, even if your event has had road closures in the past.

Notice Periods

As previously stated, 6 months notice is usually required for large scale events where attendance is expected to be 500 or more, or if the event is deemed of high risk. 3 months notice is usually required for smaller scale events.

These notice periods are necessary to allow the necessary departments, who would be involved in reviewing the event, sufficient time to review the paperwork, provide any recommendations, or request further information in order to facilitate a safe and successful event.  It also allows time for the relevant permissions, any required road closures, or any licences to be arranged.

In addition to a completed Event Registration Form, we will also require the following documentation:

  • public liability insurance certificate - valid for the date of the event and with a recommended minimum cover of £5m.
  • site / Route Plan - to illustrate area of land being used, position of event attractions and clear routes to be taken.
  • Traffic Management Plan - this may be required in the event of road closures or traffic disruption being part of the event.
  • details of first aid medical provision - e.g. first aid qualification certificates or the name of the company providing first aid.
  • medical plan - for large scale events of more than 500 people or high risk events.
  • confirmation that an Event Management Plan is in place for large scale events of more than 500 people or high risk events.  A broad outline of what should be contained in your EMP can be found here, provided by the Health & Safety Executive - Event Health & Safety Topics 
  • confirmation that risk assessments have been completed. We only require sight of the risk assessments of events being organised by NPTCBC departments. 

Once the required event documentation is received, the event is registered and the event paperwork is reviewed by Events Management / SAG accordingly.  The Special Events Administrator imposes a deadline for departments to respond with any issues or objections in order for the process to proceed as smoothly and timely as possible.

This ensures that Neath Port Talbot County Borough Council enforce the relevant statutory provisions contained within legislation to ensure the health, safety and welfare of employees, members of the public and any other person affected within the parameters of the event.

There are occasions when an organiser is asked to provide more information or to contact a certain department regarding a particular aspect of their event.

Providing no issues or objections arise with a proposed event, the Special Events Administrator then instructs the relevant holding section (if council land is being used) to issue the relevant permissions licence and charge any applicable fee.  Following this, the event organiser is contacted by Special Events to state that NPTCBC have no objection to the event. This closes the Events Process.

After your event has taken place, it may be beneficial for you to complete and return a Post-Event Feedback Form, as this will allow us and yourselves to be aware of areas for improvement, along with what went well with the event. 

If an incident/accident should occur, especially at an event on NPTCBC land, organisers should report them to NPTCBC by contacting Please see our Documents section for a copy of the Post-Event Feedback Form.