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Empty homes

Property owners have a responsibility to prevent empty houses from becoming a nuisance.

Long term empty properties can reduce nearby home values and attract:

  • pests
  • vandalism
  • anti-social behaviour
  • unauthorised entry

Report an empty property

With your contact details, you can report a:

  • vacant
  • derelict
  • dilapidated property

We'll keep you updated on your complaint and investigate any nuisance.

Bring a property back into use

To bring a property back into use, owners can:

  • sell
  • rent
  • renovate
  • or live in the property

We can provide advice and financial support to help owners with this.

How we can help

We cannot take enforcement action on every empty property.

If we receive a report about an empty property, we'll try to:

  1. identify the owner
  2. inform them of any issues reported to us
  3. prioritise enforcement action on problematic properties and uncooperative owners

Legal action

We are prepared to take legal action where there is evidence of:

  • accumulated waste or overgrowth causing pest problems
  • nuisance to neighbouring occupiers
  • serious risk of injury arising from the condition of the building
  • neglected buildings that are detrimental to the local area