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School admissions frequently asked questions

When can my child start school?

In Neath Port Talbot, children start Primary school (full time) the September after their 4th Birthday.

All Neath Port Talbot Primary schools also offer part time nursery provision within the school that children can attend the day after their 3rd birthday providing there is sufficient room in the nursery.

When should I apply for a school place?

Nursery school admissions

Application forms are available for those children who will be 3 years old between:

  • 1st September 2024 and 31st August 2025

The application forms must be returned by 15th March 2024.

Primary or comprehensive school admissions

The online system is now closed and applications now have to be made via paper.

Can I apply for a school place online?

Yes you can apply online for a place at all community schools when transferring to Reception class, from Infant to Junior schools and Comprehensive school in September. This also includes transfer to St Joseph's RC School & 6th Form.

If you would like to apply for any other VA school these include: Alderman Davies CIW Primary, Bryncoch CIW Primary, St Joseph's RC Infant School, St Joseph's RC Junior, St Joseph's RC Primary and St Therese's RC Primary please contact the school direct for an application form.

If you would like to apply for a nursery place at any community school or would like to transfer school within the academic year (In-year Transfer) please contact the admission team direct for the relevant application forms.

Subsequently if you wish to apply after the closing date please contact the admissions team direct for relevant application forms.

What address should I use on my application form?

You should use your current permanent address where you are living at the time you fill in the application. A pupil’s home address is considered to be a residential property that is the child’s only or main residence. At the time of application proof of permanent resident at the property concerned is required. Where documentary evidence can substantiate to the satisfaction of the Local Authority that care is split equally between parents at separate addresses, parents must name the address to be used for the purpose of allocating a school place.

I know which school I want my child to go to. Why should I request other schools?

If you only list one school you cannot be certain that your child will be offered a place there and, if you are unsuccessful we will not know what your second or third preference would have been. You are strongly recommended to indicate more than one preference. Doing so does not reduce your chance of getting your first preference school.

If my child currently attends a nursery class in one of my preferred schools, will they be guaranteed a place in the reception class?

No, you will only be considered for a place at a community reception class within Neath Port Talbot if the relevant application form has been completed. As nursery provisions within schools are not regarded as statutory education your application will be considered in the same way as those who do not attend nursery. It is vital that you make a new application to apply for a reception place whether online or by completing the application form.

I want to apply for a catholic or a church in wales school. Do I have to fill out different forms?

Yes, St Joseph’s Secondary Infant Junior and Primary, Alderman Davies CIW and Bryncoch CIW are their own admission authority. Please contact the relevant school direct for their relevant admission form.

How can I find out more about a particular primary, infant, junior or comprehensive school?

You can find some information in the parents’ handbook. You can also contact the school that you are interested in to get a copy of their prospectus, which will give you more details about the school. You can also ask to visit the school and talk to the Headteacher.

Can I apply for a school in another Local Authority?

Yes, when applying for a school in another Local Authority please contact the relevant council where the school is, in order to obtain an application form and apply to them direct.

What if I do not live in Neath Port Talbot but want my child to attend a Neath Port Talbot School?

For any children wanting to attend a Neath Port Talbot school please make all applications via a paper form to the admissions team at Neath Port Talbot Council.

What if there are changes to the information I have submitted on my application?

All changes need to be made in writing to the admissions team whether they happen before or after the closing date.

What can I do if I don’t get the place I want?

Your allocation letter will explain the reason why it was not possible to offer you a place at your preferred school and the process for appealing against the decision. Your child’s name if indicated will also be included on a waiting list for your preferred school, which means we will consider your child for any places that become available after the initial allocation. However, there is no guarantee that a place will become available or that you will get one if it does.

If places come available and there are more children on the waiting list than places, how are the available places allocated?

If there are more children on the waiting list than places available, we will allocate the places to those who best meet the admissions criteria. This is the same criteria that are used in the initial allocation process.

I have filled in the online form to register but have not yet received an email.

It is possible that the email has been quarantined by anti-spam measures taken by your internet service provider or by settings in your mail client.

Check to make sure that, if you are Outlook/Outlook Express user, the relevant email has not been misidentified as “junk” and deposited in the junk folder. If the email has definitely not been delivered to you then contact your ISP to see whether the email can be tracked and its fate discovered.  

The service providers who suffer most from the problem of incorrectly identifying key emails as spam have proved to be,,,, and

I have forgotten my password.

Visit the welcome page log in page, click on the link “Forgotten your password?” and enter your username. A new email will be generated and sent to your registered email address with a link to reset the password details.

What if I change my email address?

Log in with your old address and select ‘Change my login details’.

I am unable to find my address on the dropdown address list

Just enter your address into the address boxes.

Can I use the same account to make more than one application (e.g. applications for twins or siblings in different year groups).

You are able to apply for twins, triplets etc. using the online admissions system but MUST ensure that you submit a separate application for each child.