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Child Performance Licence/Chaperone Licence

Child Performance Licence

Performance licences are subject to legislation – The Children (Performance & Activities) (Wales) Regulations 2015

This legislation requires that all children, from babies until they cease to be of compulsory school age, be licensed by the Local Education Authority in which they live, to take part in a performance.

Further information in respect of Performance Licences can be found on the Welsh Government website.

Completed forms to be returned to:

School & Family Support Team, Civic Centre, Port Talbot, SA13 1PJ

Body of Persons Approval (BOPA)

In some cases, an organiser can apply for a Body of Persons Approval (BOPA) from the local authority where their performance/s occur. A BOPA covers all children at once with no need for individual licences.

The key requirements are:

  • Children do not receive any payment and no-one else is receiving payment for the child to take part.
  • Children do not need to take time off school for the rehearsals or performance
  • The organisation must show that it has robust and effective systems to safeguard children during rehearsals and performances.

If these requirements are not met, individual licences will be required.

An authority can impose conditions that ensure children’s wellbeing and may revoke approvals if these are not met.

Chaperone licence

A chaperone is someone licensed to look after a child or children who work in entertainment. A chaperone will ensure that any child or children in their care, do not work too many hours without proper breaks, that education is provided in certain circumstances and the child(ren’s) safety, comfort and welfare is taken care of.

It is a legal requirement that whenever children of compulsory school age are engaged in public performances or entertainment under a licence issued by the Local Education Authority, they must be supervised at all times by a registered chaperone, unless they are under the direct supervision of either parent or an agreed tutor.

Further information in respect of Chaperones is contained within the Welsh Government Guidance document ‘Keeping Young Performers Safe’, below.

How do I register as a chaperone?

Any person over the age of 18 years is entitled to apply to become a Local Authority Licenced Chaperone. In order to do this the following criteria must be complied with:

  • Submission of a fully completed ‘Licenced Chaperone Application Form’
  • If a volunteer chaperone (i.e. not paid for chaperone duties) then a ‘Volunteer Declaration’ form must be completed 
  • Undertake and complete an on-line application for an ‘Enhanced DBS Disclosure Certificate’
  • Production of specific identification documents
  • Provision of two recent passport sized photographs
  • Submission of two satisfactory references
  • Attendance at an Authority run chaperone training session (training sessions are held once a quarter; details will be supplied on application)
  • An awareness of relevant legislation
  • An awareness of child protection
  • Attendance at an interview with Neath Port Talbot’s Child Licencing Officer

For those wishing to apply for a Chaperone Licence, please complete the Chaperone Application Form below.

Licence applications must be submitted 3 months prior to the start of the performance. All applications must be completed within 3 months of the date of application.


  • Chaperone licence application form (DOCX 43 KB)

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    i.Url: /media/ginhkfsy/chaperone-licence-application-form-dec-21.docx

  • Chaperone volunteer declaration (DOCX 38 KB)

    i.Id: 4686
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    mTitle: Chaperone volunteer declaration
    mSize: 38 KB
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    i.Url: /media/3zhpyq5q/chaperone-volunteer-declaration-oct-21.docx

  • DBS Update Service Consent Form (DOCX 46 KB)

    i.Id: 4685
    i.ContentType.Alias: nptFile
    mTitle: DBS Update Service Consent Form
    mSize: 46 KB
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    i.Url: /media/so1gmyfy/dbs-update-service-consent-form-oct-21.docx