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Publication Scheme

We have adopted the Information Commissioner’s Model Publication Scheme which sets out the kinds of information that the Authority intends to make routinely available to the public.

The aim of the Authority is to make this information easy to find and use. In many cases the information will be directly available through this website. Where this is not possible the Council’s aim is to provide the information covered by the Scheme promptly following receipt of a request.

The Publication Scheme specifies seven broad classes of information which the Council commits to make routinely available.

The Scheme is supported by a Definition Document for local authorities published by the Information Commissioner which gives examples of the types of information we expect to make available under each of the seven classes of information set out in the Publication Scheme.

Requesters should note that this does not mean the Council must routinely release all information covered by the broad definitions in the Definition Document. The scheme itself sets out the circumstances under which the Council may not be required to make information routinely available. These are when:

  • the information is not held;
  • the information is exempt from disclosure, for instance personal data or commercial interest; or
  • the Council cannot easily access the information.

The Council will shortly publish and provide a guide to information held covered by the scheme which will give details of:

  • the information to be routinely made available;
  • how that information can be accessed; and
  • whether or not a charge will be made for it.