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Digital, Data and Technology (DDaT) is fundamental to the successful delivery of council services. Neath Port Talbot Council are committed to adopting the best DDaT to transform the services we provide to our residents, businesses, elected members, staff and visitors.

This DDaT Strategy sets out our approach to build on the foundations already laid down through our previous digital strategy (Smart and Connected 2018 - 2022) and outlines how we will embrace new approaches and emerging technologies to provide our users with the best value, user centred products and services.

We recognise that DDaT is now integrated into every resident's life - irrespective of whether they directly engage and consume digital services themselves or not. From engaging with your GP, to keeping in touch with friends and family, having your shopping delivered or booking a bulky waste collection, these are all examples of the range of digital services that many now take for granted.

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As a council, we remain fully committed to helping our digitally excluded people access the benefits of being online. We understand that there are a wide range of reasons why people may find it hard or impossible to stay connected with family and friends (including skills, affordability, availability of broadband connectivity, personal choice etc.), recognising that this also prevents them from being able to benefit from accessing key services from government channels to online shopping.

To further support our digitally excluded residents, through well-being objective 2 in the Corporate Plan - ‘All communities are thriving and sustainable, we have set out a clear aim to ensure ‘People are connected within their community; communities are connected to each other and the wider world through good quality digital services and transport networks’. The council has also committed to the Digital Inclusion Charter, which aims to promote basic digital skills and helping people get online.

During the pandemic, we experienced an unprecedented increase in the dependency on Digital Services to support the organisation in maintaining service delivery. From underpinning a transition to hybrid working for all office-based workers, to developing complex online grant payment forms for businesses and residents, through the effective use of DDaT we have consistently delivered innovative ways of supporting the organisation in meeting its aims and objectives, through the most challenging of times.

The extreme pressures that public sector budgets are under is well documented, however we recognise the key opportunities that DDaT presents to support this organisational challenge. Through the effective use of DDaT, we will continue to drive value and service improvement across service areas, whilst delivering efficiencies and savings. We will also ensure there is alignment with the Medium Term Financial Plan.

The importance digital services continues to play in service delivery, transformation and efficiency is clear. We are fully committed to continually investing in the council’s DDaT capabilities to ensure we can successfully meet our current and future challenges.

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