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Early Years Educational Psychology Support for Parents and Carers

Welcome! This form is for parent(s)/carer(s) looking for advice/support from an Early Years Educational Psychologist.

An Educational Psychologist can help support your child’s development, learning, play, and wellbeing using psychology. We focus on what children ‘can do’ to help provide advice on what they may need support ‘for’. We try to empower the adults important to the child to make positive changes to their child’s development, learning and wellbeing.

Who is the advice/support available to?

This support is available to parent(s) / carer(s) of children who:

  •  of 0-5 years who are not currently accessing a nursery school education place; and
  • Live within Neath and Port Talbot

Advice/support that we may give to support your child

  • Advice about play and educational activities to support your child's learning at home.
  • Ideas to help support your child’s wellbeing and emotional development.
  • Advice to help prepare a child transitioning to an education setting.

Unfortunately, we are unable to discuss any needs that may be in relation to your child's health/medical needs. We suggest that you seek advice in relation to these needs from your Health Visitor.

What happens after I complete the form?

We take a holistic approach; therefore, our support offered may differ depending on your child’s individual strengths and needs. You will usually receive an initial telephone conversation (consultation) of around 30-45 minutes with your link community Early Years Educational Psychologist.

During this first consultation, the Early Years Educational Psychologist will discuss your hopes and expectations for the consultation. They will also ask you questions about your child’s strengths, interests and anything you feel your child might need support with. They will then help to problem solve, together with you, possible ideas for supporting your child. After the first consultation, your Early Years Educational Psychologist might offer the following:

  • Further individual consultation or review.
  • An observation of your child (depending on current COVID-19 guidelines/restrictions).
  • A meeting with your child, to find out more about their development through playful activities.
  • Joint consultation with your child’s setting and/or other professionals.
  • The opportunity to attend an educational psychology led family/carer workshop.
  • Support with your child’s transition to a playgroup and/or nursery school.
  • Discuss your child at an Early Years Multi-Agency Panel (EY-MAP).
  • Discuss your child at an Early Years Multi-Agency Community Catch Up.
  • Sharing information with other professionals to contribute towards further assessment(s), for example, as part of a Paediatrician developmental assessment or as part of the Early Years Neurodevelopmental Team pathway.

Once you have completed the form, we will aim to get back to you via telephone within 5 working days to confirm a time and date (Monday-Friday between the hours of 9-5pm) to arrange a consultation.

If you need help to complete the support form, you could contact your Health Visitor or any another professional/practitioner involved in already supporting you. You could also email to ask for help.

Do you have any Child Protection, Adult at Risk or allegations/concerns of Professional Abuse?

If yes, the concerns need to be shared immediately by telephone with:

  • Relevant partner agency
  • Police (999/101)
  • Social Services, Adults and Children’s Single Point of Contact Tel: 01639 686802  
  • NHS Corporate Safeguarding (01639 683164)
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