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Adopted LDP (2011-2026)

The LDP is now the development plan for Neath Port Talbot, superseding the Unitary Development Plan, and provides the basis for decisions on land use planning in the County Borough up to 2026.

How to use this Document

The LDP must be read as a whole. All policies are interrelated and must be read together to understand their combined effect upon any planning proposal.

Structure of the Document

The LDP is structured as follows:

1. Introduction and Background: provides a broad introduction to the area and the key economic, social and environmental characteristics of the County Borough, including background information, the policy context and identified key issues for the area.

2. The Strategy: outlines the Vision and Objectives for the Plan providing an explanation of the overall growth and spatial strategies to meet the identified objectives, including the differentiation between the Coastal Corridor Strategy Area and the Valleys Strategy Area and the differing approaches that are applicable.

3. Overarching Policies: sets out the Plan's overarching policies which relate to matters considered to be of primary importance for the whole of the County Borough.

4. Area Based Policies: sets out the differing approaches to the two strategy areas.

5. Topic Based Policies: sets out the Plan's strategic and detailed topic based policies indicating how the Plan's overall strategy will be implemented, including site specific allocations.

6. Implementation and Monitoring: this firstly sets out details of delivery and implementation, giving an indication of when sites are expected to come forward, who will be responsible for implementing the development and sources of funding. Secondly, it covers the monitoring framework, key indicators, targets and triggers for further action in relation to each policy, forming the basis on which to assess the effectiveness of the Plan's policies. This section of the Plan provides a basis for the production of the Annual Monitoring Report (AMR). 

7. Supplementary Planning Guidance: sets out details of Supplementary Planning Guidance that will be issued to support the Plan.

8. Proposals Map: which shows on an Ordnance Survey base, the geographical location and extent of the site specific development and protection policies.

LDP Adoption Statement

Upon adoption, the Council has also prepared a statement which sets out what the Plan is, the scope of the appraisal that has been carried out and how the findings of the appraisal have been taken into account.