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Full Plans

This is the traditional way of notifying the Authority of the work proposed. It enables you to obtain confirmation that proposed plans and specifications comply with the requirements of the Regulations and at the same time inform us of the work.

After checking, any non-complying items, or items requiring clarification, are drawn to the attention of the applicant or agent. This allows amendments or revised drawings to be submitted.

The Building Act requires us to make a decision on the application within five weeks of its deposit, or two months if agreed by the applicant. However a decision is usually given in a shorter time.

If non-complying issues remain and a decision has to be made, it may be necessary to reject the application. Similarly, a conditional approval may be issued, requesting further information or requiring certain amendments to be made to the deposited plans.

In either case, submission of revised details which resolve issues, either on a rejected or conditionally approved application, will result in full approval at no additional charge to the applicant.

Obviously, if the plans show no items requiring clarification, they will automatically be fully approved.

In respect of commencing the work in question, you may do so 2 days after submission of the application. However, it must be borne in mind that commencing work without first obtaining approval does involve a risk. It may necessitate altering work that is subsequently found to contravene.

It is therefore recommended that work does not commence until approval of plans is obtained.

Please note that we pride ourselves on the service we provide and over 95% of full plans applications we receive are checked within 15 days and are approved on first submission.

How to apply?

Simply attach a completed application form, any plans, drawings, specifications or calculations as a pdf file to an e mail to . Please supply contact details so that we may arrange for the required fee to be paid, and continue with the registration and processing of your application.