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Terms and references which will be useful while reading this document.

Coed Cymru: Welsh woodland organisation working to improve the condition of Welsh woodland.

Local Records Centre: Centres for the collation, management and dissemination of biodiversity data.

MapMate: Biological recording software

Natural Resources:

  1. a) Animals, plants and other organisms.
  2. b) Air, water and soil.
  3. c) Minerals.
  4. d) Geological features and processes.
  5. e) Physiographical features.
  6. f) Climatic features and processes

NPT Local Nature Partnership: A group of individuals and organisations working collectively to enhance biodiversity in NPT

Sustainable development: The process of improving the economic, social, environmental and cultural well-being of Wales by taking action, in accordance with the sustainable development principle, aimed at achieving the well-being goals.

Sustainable development principle: Acting in a manner which seeks to ensure that the needs of the present are met without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

UN Convention on Biological Diversity: A multilateral treaty with three main goals:

  1. conservation of biological diversity (or biodiversity);
  2. sustainable use of its components; and
  3. fair and equitable sharing of benefits arising from genetic resources