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Your Council Tax bill explained

This image shows an example council tax bill. Each numbered section is explained in detail after the image.

Council Tax bill 2024-2025 Council Tax bill 2024-2025

What each numbered section means

  1. Name of the person or people responsible for paying the bill.
  2. Date your Council Tax bill was printed. Any payments made after this date will not be shown on this bill.
  3. This is your Council Tax account number. Try to have this number with you if you need to contact us about your Council Tax account or when making a payment.
  4. Which Council Tax band your property is in.
  5. The billing address.
  6. The financial year for this bill.
  7. Your contribution towards council services.
  8. Your contribution towards your Town or Community Council, if you live in an area which has one.
  9. Your contribution towards Police and Crime Commissioner for South Wales.
  10. This is the amount you owe before any discounts.
  11. This is the period of time that the bill covers.
  12. Any discounts applied to your bill are shown here.
  13. This is the total amount of council tax you need to pay.
  14. This shows the payment method you have set up. The easiest way to pay is by direct debit but there are other ways to pay.
  15. Here are details of instalments, amounts due and dates of when you need to pay each instalment.

The back of your Council Tax bill

The back of your Council Tax bill has information that includes how to:

  • report changes in your circumstances
  • apply for reductions
  • appeal