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Annual report and corporate self-assessment 2022-2023

The Council is obliged to report each year through its Annual Report on the extent to which the well-being objectives set out in its Corporate Plan have been achieved. The Annual Report meets the duties set out in the Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015.

The Local Government and Elections Act Part 6, Chapter 1 requires that a council must produce a self-assessment report for each financial year and set out its conclusions on the extent to which it is meeting its performance requirements.

The Corporate Plan Annual Report and self-assessment 2022-2023 are published below.


  • Corporate Plan Annual Report 2022-2023 (PDF 24.62 MB)

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    mTitle: Corporate Plan Annual Report 2022-2023
    mSize: 24.62 MB
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    i.Url: /media/1lwltmx4/recover-reset-renew-accessible.pdf

  • Corporate self-assessment 2022-2023 (PDF 2.55 MB)

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    i.ContentType.Alias: nptFile
    mTitle: Corporate self-assessment 2022-2023
    mSize: 2.55 MB
    mType: pdf
    i.Url: /media/sqill43v/self-assessment-2022-2023-accessible.pdf