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Metrology prices

Trading Standards provide a range of metrology verification services. Below is a list of fees and charges that apply for testing specific weighing or measuring equipment.

Public weighing & measuring

Contact the department for further advice on 01639 686868 or

General fees

When a visit is made by a Trading Standards Officer to any premises for the purpose of carrying out any of the functions or activities listed below, each visit may be subject to a minimum charge per officer visit of £90.34. For an out-of-hours visit, there is a surcharge of 50% of the standard fee.

  1. For any work not covered by these fees, or which varies significantly or is carried out in exceptional circumstances, an appropriate charge may be calculated using the hourly rate.
  2. Visits carried out partly or entirely outside of normal office hours may incur a surcharge of 50% of the standard fee or of the standard hourly rate per Officer per hour.
  3. The guidance relates to the cost of testing single items. Authorities should not be inhibited from departing from the quoted fee in locally determined circumstances. Discounted fees may be appropriate, for example, in the following circumstances:
    • Where more than a single item is submitted on one occasion and particularly where large quantities are involved;
    • Where facilities, equipment or assistance are provided by the submitter by prior arrangement; and 
    • Where no officer travelling time is involved. 
  4. Previous discussions with HM Customs & Excise had concluded that fees, with the exception of those put forward for the purposes of Section 74 of the Weights and Measures Act 1985, were NOT subject to VAT. This is because the work of local authorities was classified as a 'non-business' activity. However, the situation has now changed. Where applicable, VAT is included. See Customs & Excise Notice 749 – Local Authorities and similar bodies (April 2002) for further details. Prices listed below are exclusive of VAT

Special weighing and measuring equipment

The charges for examining, testing, certifying, stamping, authorising or reporting on special weighing or measuring equipment may be individually calculated by a local authority based upon a figure of:

£111.51 per officer/hour (+ VAT) at the place where the service is provided

Such types of equipment, specifically excluded from the charges, detailed in Weights and Certificate of Errors, include:

  1. automatic or totalising weighing machines
  2. equipment designed to weigh loads in motion
  3. bulk fuel measuring equipment tested following a Regulation 65 or 66 occurrence
  4. weighing or measuring equipment tested by means of statistical sampling
  5. the establishment of calibration curves from templates;
  6. templates graduated in millilitres
  7. testing or other services in pursuance of a Community obligation other than EC initial or partial verification

Certificate of errors

For supplying a certificate containing results of errors found on testing. Certificate supplied upon request of the submitter; fee applies when no other fee is payable.

Charge - £71.60 each + VAT

Road tanker fuel measuring equipment

All subject to VAT unless under Measuring Instruments (EEC Requirements) Regs 1988
Meter measuring systems (above 100 litres) Charge
Wet hose type with two testing liquids £354.80 each

Wet hose type with three testing liquids

£413.93 each
Dry hose type with two testing liquids £394.17
Dry hose type with three testing liquids £453.54
Wet/dry hose with two testing liquids  £551.89
Wet/dry hose with three testing liquids £589.97

Measuring instruments for liquid fuel & lubricants

All subject to VAT unless under Measuring Instruments (EEC Requirements) Regs 1988
Type of test Charge
Container type (unsubdivided)   £101.34

First nozzle tested, per site

Each additional nozzle £111.70
Testing of peripheral electronic
equipment on a separate visit (per site)
Testing of credit card acceptor
(per unit, regardless of number of slots/nozzles/pumps)   

Measuring instruments for intoxicating liquor

Not exceeding 150 ml - £24.19 each + VAT

Other - £27.95 each + VAT

Weighing instruments

Non-automatic weighing instruments (NAWI)

Weight Charge

Not exceeding 1 tonne

£146.74 + VAT
Exceeding 1 tonne to 10 tonne (2240lb-22400lb) £227.05 + VAT

Exceeding 10 tonnes

£497.04 + VAT


All subject to VAT unless under Measuring Instruments (EEC Requirements) Regs 1988
Weight Charge

Not exceeding 1 tonne

£88.14 each
Exceeding 1 tonne to 10 tonne (2240lb-22400lb) £142.78 each

Exceeding 10 tonnes

£298.18 each

Certification of weighbridge operators

  • £111.51ph
  • No VAT
  • Minimum charge of half an hour


When testing instruments incorporating remote display or printing facilities, and where completion of the test requires a second person or a second series of tests by the same person, an additional fee may be based upon the basic fee given above plus a 50% surcharge

When supplying specialist equipment (including but not limited to weighbridge test unit, van and test weights, etc) an additional fee may be charged hourly, daily or per appointment, according to circumstance.


Measure Charge Subject to VAT

 Linear measures not exceeding 3m for each scale

£13.89 Yes - unless under Measuring Instruments
(EEC Requirements) Regs 1988 
Capacity measures without divisions (not exceeding 1 litre) £10.97 Yes - unless under Measuring Instruments
(EEC Requirements) Regs 1988 
Cubic ballast measures (other than brim measures) £245.54 Yes - unless under Measuring Instruments
(EEC Requirements) Regs 1988 
Liquid capacity measures for making up and checking average quantity packages   £38.82 + VAT
Templates per scale - first item £67.48 + VAT
Templates second and subsequent items £25.53 + VAT


Hourly rate for an Inspector of Weights and Measures for first hour - £111.51 + VAT

Thereafter £61.95 per hour

Measuring Instruments Directive

In order to reflect additional costs associated with examination, testing and documentation, and maintenance of MID notified body status, certain classes of instrument covered by MID should be subject to additional charges, as follows:

Hourly rate per officer - £111.51

Note: Fees increase for initial MID conformity assessment, but not subsequent reverification.

Measuring Instruments Directive Charge (subject to VAT)
Automatic discontinuous totalisers, automatic rail weighbridges, automatic catchweighers, automatic gravimetric filling instruments and beltweighers No extra charge
Cold water meters No extra charge
Measuring instruments for liquid fuel and lubricants 10% surcharge
Measuring instruments for liquid fuel delivered from road tankers 10% surcharge
Capacity Serving Measures 25% surcharge
Material Measures of Length 25% surcharge

Pay metrology fees

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