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Multiply in Neath Port Talbot successful projects


INSPIRE Training

Essential Skills in the Workplace

Rekindle and duplicate our Essential Skills in the Workplace programme that we delivered as ACT Enhance previously. This covers the 3 areas of numeracy, literacy and digital literacy to those 19+ who haven’t previously obtained GCSE in these subject areas.

Whitehead-Ross Education and Consulting Ltd.

The Digital Skills Hub

The Digital Skills Hub project will upskill 250 participants over 18 months to develop their digital skills in specialisms such as coding, cyber security and ICT Helpdesk. 

MMI Trading with Care

Essential Skills in the Workplace

The project will be focussed on delivering the Route to Care training programme for people seeking employment, volunteering and work experience in the care sector. Our target audience are people living in the community who are trying to find a way back to employment/volunteering, specifically in the social care sector. The programme has been designed to support people with barriers to work, who may be considered furthest from the labour market, this can include, people living with low level mental health issues, people with learning difficulties, young people, lone parents, people with work limiting conditions, people who need to retrain, ex offenders, people with disabilities and those who are socially excluded.

The Prince's Trust, Cymru

Pathways to Skills – NPT (P2S)

This project will use our expertise as a leading youth charity to engage, support and motivate young people aged 16-30 in Neath Port Talbot (NPT), who are Economically Inactive or NEET and experiencing barriers to starting or progressing their skills development journey. The project will offer a gateway and range of alternative skills development pathway options that complement local provision and includes essential PSE (Personal, Social, Emotional) life skills, work-readiness, employability skills and engagement/introductory level sector specific training.

Coed Lleol - Small Woods

Connecting People, Nature and Place through skills and training

This project will provide learning and nature-based programmes to improve confidence; creating networks for training, volunteering and progression; providing courses to inspire people to move towards environmental ‘green’ careers; connecting communities, restoring and managing woodland nature sites, improving accessibility through infrastructure improvements.

Using robust monitoring to improve outcomes and building on partnerships within research, this project supports long-term, local sustainable prosperity.

The Bulldogs

Bulldogs Achieve Project

An alternative education programme to support disengaging students within mainstream education by working with Youth Engagement team already embedded within the 8 schools in NPT. Providing them with accredited qualifications in fitness as well as sessions in nutrition/digital wellbeing/budgeting/self-care/body positivity/healthy relationships/numeracy/literacy/wellbeing/mindfulness and fitness. Sessions will be offered weekly to Year 9-11 students.

We also want to support those hardest to reach who identify as NEET and those leaving care, offering qualifications helping them to reach and achieve their potential. We would offer them a 12-week programme, working on skills that will support them in their life and into employment.

Swansea University

SWITCH-On Skills

The proposed project will use a multi-level ‘skills escalator’ framework to deliver skills required to support Decarbonisation, Net Zero, sustainable manufacturing, green jobs and digital. The project encompasses a synergistic approach working with local schools, colleges and reinforcing cooperation between academia and industry to provide new skills, reskilling and upskilling of individuals, primarily in employment, and support the creation of a diverse and enthusiastic pipeline of individuals to engage in the many opportunities that the transition to Net Zero has to offer.

Neath Port Talbot Council

NPT Digital Inclusion & Digital Enablement Project

The project develops and scales up existing work to reduce digital inequality for disadvantaged groups, increasing access to digital technologies which enhance daily living/ ageing well, and supporting digitally excluded citizens to access services they need. A multifaceted approach includes:

  • A network of Digital Inclusion/Enablement staff and volunteers providing targeted support for individuals, including those with additional learning or access needs.
  • Enabling affordable/free access via Equipment Loans and Databank Scheme
  • Progression pathways to accredited training to improve employability. This will improve the lives of individuals by helping them stay connected, manage daily activities and be more independent and engaged
Company name Skills: Project title and project outline


Whitehead-Ross Education and Consulting Ltd


The Multiply project will deliver numeracy interventions such as Numeracy for Parents in Supporting Their Child With Maths, Constructions Maths Skills, Money Management and ESOL for Maths.

NPT Adult Community Learning

Multiply your Confidence

The programme will aim to reach people from a variety of cohorts to develop functional numeracy, confidence with numbers and improving individuals’ quality of life.

Working with organisations such as social services, schools, employers, employability services and credit unions will be crucial to identify needs and generate referrals.

NPTC Group of Colleges

Numeracy Matters: Developing Effective Numeracy Training for Employees

This project will support local employers in developing the numeracy skills of their workforce. The delivery model will be flexible and will include e-learning, face-to-face, ‘in-house’, remote and hybrid delivery.

Courses will be a mixture of accredited, non-accredited and bespoke qualifications.

NPTC Group of Colleges

Numeracy at Home – Empowering Parents to Support Their Children’s Learning

To provide learning activities and opportunities for children and their adult family members so that they will all develop their own numeracy skills and enjoy learning as a whole family.  The courses include:

  • Basic Arithmetic – designed to develop arithmetic skills such as multiplication and division
  • Everyday Maths – applying maths skills to everyday situations such as, shopping, calculating discounts, home maintenance.
  • Financial Literacy - creating a household budget, managing expenses,
    understanding interest rates
NPTC Group of Colleges

Numeracy for Success: Intensive and Flexible Courses for Adult Learners

This project will develop and deliver two flexible numeracy courses. Strand 1 will have an Essential Skills Wales level 2 qualification specification delivery and be available as an accredited and non-accredited course. Strand 2 will cover 4 Agored Cymru units at level 2, naturally delivering approximately 80% of the GCSE specification.

Educ8 Training Ltd

Multiply – Calculating your potential

Calculating your potential – At every level there is a level up! Through engagement within local community hubs and employers, individuals can improve their number skills in a range of ways, best suited to their needs and level.

  • Thorough, useful initial assessment to determine starting point
  • Information, advice and guidance both at initial engagement and exit
  • Short courses focusing on numeracy for use in everyday life but incorporating confidence building, wellbeing support and soft skill signposting
  • Essential Skills Qualifications for employed individuals within the workplace through businesses engagement

Cooking on a Budget

We will deliver a programme focused on teaching people how to budget in order to successfully complete weekly food shopping. The programme will incorporate the practical cooking sessions, looking at the practical application of math in the kitchen – weighing, measuring, monitoring temperatures all whilst developing and enhancing the skills required to plan, prepare and cook a healthy meal within a given budget.

Company name Multiply: Project title and project outline