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About the Educational Psychology Team

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Our mission

"We apply psychological knowledge of child development, learning and behaviour to promote the positive development of, and improve outcomes and wellbeing for, children, young people, families and organisations."

What we do

We conduct regular consultations and problem solving sessions with teachers, parents & carers and a range of other professionals to explore any barriers to pupils' learning and wellbeing in order to create positive outcomes for all. Each psychologist has responsibility for a cluster of schools and we offer a regular school visiting programme. The number of visits allocated is dependent on the size of the school and level of need. Access to our core EP service is through schools.

We also cover schools offering specialist provision to pupils within the authority. Please see the list of specialist provisions in Neath Port Talbot.

We offer a range of services including:

  • consultation
  • assessment
  • observation
  • training
  • therapeutic work
  • research and policy advice

Meet our Team

Principal Educational Psychologist

  • Helen Osborne

Senior Educational Psychologist, Lead EP for ASD)

  • Dr Alison Annear

Senior Educational Psychologist, Lead EP for Early Years

  • Dr Abi Wright

Senior Educational Psychologist, Lead EP for SEBD

  • Dr. Carys John

EPs working with school-aged learners

  • Dr. Amy Munro
  • Dr. Laura Gadd
  • Dr. Jemma Williams
  • Dr. Naomi Erasmus
  • Dr. Katy Edwards
  • Dr. Katy Warren

Early Years EPs

  • Dr. Claire Prosser
  • Dr. Naomi Erasmus
  • Dr. Laurie Davies

Assistant EPs

  • Lowri Roberts
  • Caitlin Davies
  • Jessica Lewis
  • Molly McGiveron

Trainee EPs

Up to 2 every academic year are offered short term (up to 2 terms) placements by Cardiff University.

We are a team of 13 Educational Psychologists (EPs) and 4 Assistant Educational Psychologists who provide support to both our maintained schools and early years communities in Neath Port Talbot. Our EPs are registered practitioner psychologists with the Health Care Professional Council (HCPC). 8 of our EPs support our school communities, 3 of our EPs support our Early Years Communities with one team member supporting both our early years and school age services. 2 of our Assistant EPs support our Early Years team (under the guidance of Dr Abi Wright). 2 of our Assistants are dedicated to supporting learners’ emotional health and psychological wellbeing (under the guidance of Dr Carys John).

We support placements for those studying to become Educational Psychologists at Cardiff University in order to ensure that trainee EPs have an opportunity to experience a range of placements across Wales.

The Early Years team support the 6 communities in NPT which are defined by school catchments, and therefore the area which a child is likely to access education and activities within a community.

The school age team work closely with the Additional Learning Needs Coordinators (ALNCo) in each school to ensure that we prioritise cases with the highest level of need each term. Cases may involve individuals, groups of learners or supporting the school system to meet the need. We also coordinate forums which have been devised to support key stakeholders in facilitating change. Your school ALNCo will be able to inform you which EP has been assigned to their school this academic year.