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  1. Bungalows often present particular problems when designing acceptable extensions. Whereas a single storey flat roofed extension may, in certain circumstances, be acceptable on a two storey house it would rarely be on a bungalow. In considering extensions to bungalow, therefore, regard should be had to extending the roof in a style to either match or to complement the existing.
  2. An alternative approach is to consider converting the roof space. The practicality of this approach depends in part upon the form of construction. Appropriate technical advice should be sought before work's commence.


Where there is inadequate headroom within the existing roof space then raising the roof might be considered. This would often have an adverse impact upon a row or group of bungalows such that it would only normally be considered in respect of isolated properties or those where a significant difference in levels would largely disguise any visual impact.

Diagram of acceptable and unacceptable roof space conversions