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Parking Policies and Annual Report

Parking Policy

Principles and Policy for Neath Port Talbot Parking Services

The following principles are currently the basis of the Council’s parking policies:-

  • Parking Policy should support the Council’s objectives of sustainable development and environmental enhancement by improving road safety, and reducing traffic and congestion and encouraging use of off-street car parks in town centres.
  • Parking Policy should underpin the vitality and viability of town centres by appropriate controls of on and off-street parking.
  • Parking controls should be applied selectively to address specific conflicts but not used unnecessarily.
  • The parking account should include all relevant costs and income and be transparent.
  • Parking policies should consider equality and disability issues.

Flowing from these principles, the following parking policy statements are also proposed for adoption:-

  • Within town centres convenient short-stay parking to meet local need in support of the local economy will be given priority.
  • Long-stay parking will utilise spaces in less convenient locations or on the periphery of centres.
  • Local residents’ ability to park close to their houses will be protected, particularly through the regulation of on-street parking in and adjacent to town centres, e.g., through residents’ parking schemes and controlled parking zones.
  • Parking charges will be used in town centres and other locations experiencing high demands in order to manage parking use.
  • Suitable provision will be made to allow access for disabled people

Residents and Permit Parking Policy

To obtain a permit:

  • You must own and drive a vehicle.
  • You must produce a valid vehicle registration document (V5) or a valid motability agreement together with a current driver’s licence. MOT certificate of insurance documents are not acceptable as proof of ownership.
  • Both of these documents must have your correct name and address on them which must correspond to the name and address on the application form.
  • If applying by post do not send your original V5 and driving licence; copies only please.
  • A permit is only valid for the vehicle to which it is issued and cannot be used on any other vehicle.
  • A permit must be returned when being renewed or when changing a vehicle.
  • If a permit is lost, destroyed or not removed from a vehicle when it is sold, a charge of £5 will be made for the issue of a duplicate permit.
  • A maximum of 2 permits only will be issued where no alternative off-street parking is available i.e. garage, driveway etc.
  • There will be an administrative charge of £25 for the issue all parking permits.
  • A maximum of 2 temporary permits will be issued while awaiting the return of the vehicle registration documents.
  • Permits will be issued for commercial vehicles however they should not exceed 3.5 tonnes.
  • Permits will be issued for caravanettes, mobile homes however they should not exceed 3.5 tonnes or be longer than 4.38 metres.
  • A family visitor permit will only be issued providing there is no valid residents permit issued to the property and has to be counter signed by a General
  • Holiday visitor’s permits will only be issued for a maximum 2 week period
Any enquiries please telephone Parking Services on 01639 763939 or alternatively e-mail

Annual Reports

Neath Port Talbot County Borough Council has prepared the following policy guidance in respect of Civil Parking Enforcement.

The council is a member of the Parking and Traffic Regulations Outside London (PATROL) Adjudication Joint Committee.

 Guidance is also available in respect of disabled parking at the civic centres in Neath and Port Talbot.

Parking Services - annual report 2022-23