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Scaffold permit

A scaffold permit is required to erect scaffolding on the Highway under the provisions of Section 169 of the Highways Act 1980.

Please see details below on how to apply for a scaffold permit.

Who can apply?

To apply for a scaffold permit within Neath Port Talbot, you must provide proof of your Public Liability Insurance, which must be a minimum of £5 million.

Conditions of the permit

Permission is subject to conditions which may relate to:

  • the location of the scaffold
  • available space on the footway and
  • pedestrian access

Additional conditions may also apply to individual applications.

How do I apply?

The fee payable for applying for a scaffold permit is currently £103.50.

Please complete the following scaffolding application form and save it as a pdf. This can be uploaded during the application process.


  • Scaffolding licence terms and conditions (DOCX 38 KB)

    i.Id: 4628
    i.ContentType.Alias: nptFile
    mTitle: Scaffolding licence terms and conditions
    mSize: 38 KB
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    i.Url: /media/zitffw35/scaffolding-regulation-legal.docx

  • Scaffolding application form (DOCX 49 KB)

    i.Id: 4630
    i.ContentType.Alias: nptFile
    mTitle: Scaffolding application form
    mSize: 49 KB
    mType: docx
    i.Url: /media/fyri00lw/scaffolding-application-form-accessible-1.docx