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Library Consultation Service

Professional Support

We offer advice on:
  • Refurbishment of libraries/resource areas
  • Planning and design of new libraries/resource areas
  • Stock selection and maintenance
  • Information skills
  • School-based training (ADDS) on resource organisation, stock, reprographics, children and reading, hosted in school or at ELRS.
  • Advice on layout/equipment requirements for school resource areas
  • Advice/training/support on computer management systems

Advice/Practical Assistance

ELRS staff are available to audit, edit, classify and arrange stock in libraries or classrooms of subscribing schools. The package of materials necessary for this is also included in the subscription cost.

How long will it take?

An initial assessment of you library/resource area can be made quickly. However, time should be allowed for acquiring shelves, equipment and stock. Once the decision to progress has been given, the work in the library/resource area should take a couple of weeks.

Refurbishment of existing libraries/resource areas can be achieved quickly and with minimal disruption. ELRS encourages, and can arrange, visits to other schools to see how they tackle resources.


ELRS has access to a wide variety of library/resource area suppliers.

Please contact us to arrange an on-site visit.