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Wildlife explorer trails

An exciting series of nature trails are being developed on sites across NPT. Following the trails will help you discover the biodiversity of NPT. Check back here regularly to see if any new trails have been added. Follow the instructions at the bottom to complete them.

Each trail will have a mixture of images - see if you can collect them all!

Banwen Ponds

Ponds are an amazing habitat. There can be hundreds of plants and animals in and around a single pond. The ponds here are man made, but don't forget to explore the other habitats around. Use the Banwen Ponds Trail to learn more about the wildlife here.

Rookie Explorer Challenge Afan Forest Park

Follow Afan's easy green-graded trail into Kanji Woods.

Trotting Track Trail

There are 4 main areas to explore: the woodland, grassland, brownfield and track. Use the leaflet to learn more about the variety of wildlife around the Track.

Victoria Gardens Trail

This may be a small, town centre park but it is full of exciting wildlife. Use the leaflet to learn more about the fantastic animals and plants on your doorstep.

The Gnoll Trails

The Gnoll is a great place to see wildlife. Grab the Gnoll Pondlife sheet for some extra special species at the pond dipping area.

Dyffryn Railway Trail

Find the plaques and explore the wildlife here. 


  • Download and print out the leaflet below (printing it out on A3 paper is best)
  • Take your favourite pencil or crayon and visit the trail site
  • Find the plaques around the site
  • Find the right picture in the leaflet, place the blank square over the metal plaque
  • Holding the paper firmly use your pencil or crayon to rub over the top
  • Lift the paper off and see the picture revealed.