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White recycling bags

Find out what items you can put in your white recycling bags.

We collect your recycling every week. Find out when your next collection day is using our collection day finder. 

White bag for plastic/tins/cans (bag 1)

Items go in loose, not in plastic bags.

Only put in clean items - rinse out plastics, food trays and tins.

Do include
  • Plastic bottles e.g. pop, shampoo, milk, bleach bottles.
  • Plastic food tubs, pots and trays
  • Plastic bottle tops or lids
    (please remove from the bottle)
  • Tins and cans
  • Metal lids and caps from jars and bottles
  • Aerosol cans e.g. deodorant or hairspray
  • Clean foil, scrunched up
  • Clean foil food trays
Do not include
  • Film (including pallet wrap)
  • Hard plastics e.g. garden furniture, coat hangers
  • CD/DVD cases
  • Polystyrene (wheelie bin/black bags)
  • Crisp packets
  • Pet food pouches
  • Plastic plant pots or trays
  • Containers for engine oil or paint
  • Partially full containers
  • Paint tins
  • Plastic aerosol lids
  • Plastic foil (e.g. crisp packets)
  • Plastic bags
  • Bubble wrap

White bag for cardboard (bag 2)

Items go in loose, not in plastic bags. 

Large card needs to be broken up into smaller pieces.

Do include
  • Cardboard boxes
  • Corrugated cardboard (please remember to break up to fit in the bag)
  • Ready-meal sleeves
  • Cereal boxes
  • Toilet / kitchen roll tubes
  • Greetings cards
  • Egg boxes
  • Drinks cartons e.g. milk and juice
  • Soup cartons
  • Tetra Paks
Do not include
  • Plastic film - please remove where possible.
  • Cartons that haven't been washed out first.

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